Educational Q&A

The ISG has recently created a YouTube channel called Flutube100. It contains a variety of educational video clips about influenza, including a series of talking head video clips produced by the ISG, whereby a number of our expert members provide answers to important and relevant questions about influenza. See below for more information.

The ISG has produced a set of talking head videos which are also available on Flutube100.
Dr Alan Hampson
Professor Bill Rawlinson
Professor Lou Irving
Links to the video clips are available below:

Dr Alan Hampson

Are there drugs available to treat influenza?

Differences between influenza and common cold.

Can you get flu from the influenza vaccination?

How does influenza do its damage to the body?

Are there benefits to vaccinating people who are not at risk?

Is the H1N1 virus in the vaccine this year?

Professor Bill Rawlinson

Does the influenza vaccine have side effects?

What is the best way to prevent getting influenza?

Are there any other side effects from influenza vaccination?

Professor Lou Irving

Are there children who should be vaccinated against influenza?

Why do conditions such as diabetes put me at higher risk of serious complication?

What does it mean to be at risk?

Why do I have to be vaccinated against influenza every year?


Last updated:  January 2014