Recommendations For Travellers

UPDATE: Get vaccinated before you leave, take precautions abroad!

Influenza is the most common vaccine-preventable health risk for travellers. The bottom line recommendation for people travelling is: get vaccinated, take precautions and make sure your travel insurance covers the flu and any antiviral medication you might need.

It is particularly important for high-risk people to get immunised (see recommendation for travellers in the Australian Immunisation Handbook)

The Northern Hemisphere vaccine is not registered in Australia and, therefore, is never available here. The 2016 Australian vaccine is now available, and should be with all GPs across the country.
The current (2016) Australian vaccine contains the same vaccine strains as the northern hemisphere 2016/17, so it would be reasonable to expect a similar level of protection, depending on when you received the 2016 vaccine. 

Because it takes 1-2 weeks to develop immunity after vaccination it may not be wise to await arrival overseas before vaccination. 


Last updated: 18 April 2016